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“Daco” LLC was established in 1994, started to perform automobile repairing, automobile parts and automobile trading. Now our company has following branches: These are Construction industry and trading, Customs bonded warehouse, “Auto hall” center which has automobile and automobile parts trading, “Amgalan” center which has automobile trading and automobile repairing service, in “Da Khuree” technical market “Daco” autosalon and “Misheel” center.
Since in 2001, Our company start to build following buildings and apartments by equity capital.

• In 2001, built “Misheel” center located in the north of “Urguu” cinema, 13th khoroo, in Bayangol district. Square capacity is 1424m2. That two storey building has disco club, cafe, karaoke and lounge.
• In 2002, built “Daco” Japan automobile trade and service centerin 8th khoroo of Bayanzurkh district. Square capacity is 790m2 which two storey office building has warm garage of 60 automobile serving and repairing position. This center is now performing Daco II Customs bonded warehouse.
• In 2005, built “Auto Hall” auto trading center in the north of Military University. Square capacity is 3730m2 which built like standart of Auto trading hall in the world. This center is performing “Daco” I Customs bonded warehouse therefore it has 30 pavillion of all kinds automobile trading, new and old automobile parts trading.
• In 2009, built apartment of 76 households in the north of Ulaanbaatar Palace, 6th khoroo Bayangol district.
• In 2010, built border checkpoint building of trading freezone in Altanbulag soum, Selenge aimag.
• In 2013, built 12 storey apartment of 172 households, in the north of Ulaanbaatar Palace 6th khoroo, Bayangol district.

Contact Us

Address: General office
"Misheel" center, III khoroolol,
Bayangol district,
Ulanbaatar city, Mongolia
Postal address:Ulaanbaatar 24/53




(976) - 7722 0132


(976) - 11 451800