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* Construction
* Customs Warehousing
* Communications Networks
* 'Auto Hall' Trade and Service Center
* 'Amgalan' Auto Showroom
* 'Misheel' Center
* Duty Free Shops
* International Coal Transport
DACO Co. Ltd. is a sole proprietorship which was founded by D. Dashdavaa in 1994 to provide trade services into and out of Mongolia. Since 1994, DACO Co. Ltd has primarily conducted trade of Korean, German and Japanese automobiles and accompanying spare parts, including service and maintenance. In addition, we have subsidiaries which deal in the following areas:
The company's primary goal is to increase automobile trade, which has inspired our expansion into our subsidiaries, including Daco Int JPN Cars Ltd. in Hong Kong and Daco Motors KZ LLC in Kazakhstan. We have automobile sales and trading agents in Ulan-Ude, and Irkutsk in Russia.

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Address: General office
"Misheel" center, III khoroolol,
Bayangol district,
Ulanbaatar city, Mongolia
Postal address:Ulaanbaatar 24/53




(976) - 11 - 300143


(976) - 11 - 300132